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Helping You Reap the Rewards of Property Ownership

When you bought your property, you probably were looking forward to enjoying regular rent payments and quality tenants. Unfortunately, reaching this state of relative equilibrium is a lot more work than most people are prepared for. At Magnolia Realty Group, LLC. we work hard at property management so you don’t have to. Our team of professionals has a proven ability to get you the outcomes you want out of your rental units.

Comprehensive Property Management

Managing a rental property effectively requires juggling a lot of balls at once. You need to screen tenants to find the right kind of individuals to allow into your units. You need to keep the property in good repair to retain those tenants. You also need to keep the rent checks coming in. If you have tried doing all of this yourself, especially with multi-unit properties or several different rental properties, you know how complicated it can all get.

Having managed multiple properties in Leesville, Vernon Parish and throughout Louisiana, our team has the necessary experience to do the job right. We can help you get the right kind of tenants and keep those tenants.

Contact our team today to learn about all the ways we can help with your property management needs.